Kish International Airport Kish Island (KIH) arrivals timetable

Arrivals Departures

Previous flights
12:15 10/18 Landed Kerman KER Mahan Air W54594
13:10 10/18 Landed 13:48 Tehran THR Iran Airtour B9996
13:45 10/18 Landed Rasht RAS Iran Airtour B9926
13:45 10/18 Unknown Tehran THR Zagros Airlines ZO4003
14:30 10/18 Estimated Sary SRY Varesh Airlines 5806
15:45 10/18 Estimated Mashad MHD Sepehran Airlines IS4345
15:55 10/18 Estimated Tehran THR Mahan Air W51043
16:10 10/18 Estimated Tabriz TBZ Iran Airtour B9972
16:30 10/18 Estimated Tehran THR Taban Airlines HH6263
17:00 10/18 Scheduled Isfahan IFN ATA Airlines I35654
17:30 10/18 Scheduled Tehran THR Taban Airlines HH6261
17:50 10/18 Scheduled Tehran THR Qeshm Airlines QB1224
18:30 10/18 Scheduled Mashad MHD ATA Airlines I35662
18:40 10/18 Scheduled Tehran THR ATA Airlines I35659
19:45 10/18 Scheduled Mashad MHD Iran Airtour B9998
20:00 10/18 Scheduled Tehran THR Iran Air IR352
20:15 10/18 Scheduled Mashad MHD Mahan Air W51044
21:00 10/18 Scheduled Mashad MHD Sepehran Airlines IS4365
21:15 10/18 Scheduled Tehran THR Caspian Airlines IV44

Kish International Airport Kish Island (KIH) arrivals timetable. The information board contains the exact local time of arrival, actual data about delays and cancellations of flights in real time. Stay up to date with the situation at the airport now, your coming arrivals and the arrival plan. Timetable contains domestic, international and charter flights from Kish International Airport Kish Island (KIH).

Kish International Airport
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