Flight 4O347 Air Montenegro Bratislava (BTS) → Podgorica (TGD)

BTS Bratislava

M.R. Stefanik Airport

Scheduled: 19 Sep 2023 13:30

Actual: 19 Sep 2023 13:49

Landed 14:49

TGD Podgorica

Podgorica Airport

Scheduled: 19 Sep 2023 14:44

Actual: 19 Sep 2023 14:49

Previous flights 4O 347

Date Origin Destination Status
19 Sep 2023 13:30 BTS Bratislava 14:44 TGD Podgorica Landed 14:49
16 Sep 2023 21:15 BTS Bratislava 22:26 TGD Podgorica Landed 22:06

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