Denver International Airport (DEN) Arrivals Board

Local time: 02:51:23
Time Date IATA Origin Flight Airline Status
Previous flights
02:10 14 Jun ILN Wilmington 8C3356 ATI Landed 02:01
02:14 14 Jun SDF Louisville 5X906 UPS Airlines Estimated 02:30
03:29 14 Jun RFD Chicago 5X810 UPS Airlines Estimated 03:46
03:47 14 Jun SDF Louisville 5X802 UPS Airlines Estimated 04:25
04:05 14 Jun PDX Portland F91790 Frontier Airlines 1 Estimated
04:05 14 Jun PDX Portland Y42898 Volaris Estimated
04:11 14 Jun AFW Fort Worth FX1162 FedEx Scheduled
04:19 14 Jun ONT Los Angeles F91500 Frontier Airlines 1 Estimated 03:50
04:19 14 Jun ONT Los Angeles Y42831 Volaris Estimated 03:50
04:33 14 Jun SFO San Francisco F91094 Frontier Airlines 1 Cancelled
04:33 14 Jun SFO San Francisco Y42464 Volaris Cancelled
04:33 14 Jun LAS Las Vegas F92430 Frontier Airlines 1 Estimated
04:33 14 Jun LAS Las Vegas Y42069 Volaris Estimated
04:35 14 Jun ONT Los Angeles 5X806 UPS Airlines Estimated
04:52 14 Jun IND Indianapolis FX1728 FedEx Estimated
04:57 14 Jun MEM Memphis FX1420 FedEx Estimated
05:53 14 Jun PHX Phoenix UA3750 United Airlines Scheduled
06:00 14 Jun OGG Kahului UA1430 United Airlines Estimated 05:46
06:07 14 Jun KOA Kona UA1759 United Airlines Estimated 05:39
06:19 14 Jun DFW Fort Worth F93365 Frontier Airlines Scheduled
06:20 14 Jun ANC Anchorage AS195 Alaska Airlines Estimated 06:43
06:20 14 Jun LIH Lihue UA1685 United Airlines Estimated 06:09
06:25 14 Jun HNL Honolulu UA383 United Airlines 1 Estimated 06:22
06:25 14 Jun HNL Honolulu NZ9731 Air New Zealand Estimated 06:22
06:30 14 Jun ABQ Albuquerque WN644 Southwest Airlines Scheduled
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