Medellin Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) Arrivals Board

Local time: 13:44:45
Time Date IATA Origin Flight Airline Status
Previous flights
13:17 15 Jul FLL Fort Lauderdale NK237 Spirit Airlines Landed 12:51
13:24 15 Jul MTR Monteria AV8457 Avianca Estimated 13:16
13:30 15 Jul SCL Santiago JA820 JetSMART Landed 12:53
13:49 15 Jul BOG Bogota AV9340 Avianca 1 Estimated
13:49 15 Jul BOG Bogota G36742 Gol Estimated
13:49 15 Jul CTG Cartagena LA4293 LATAM Airlines Estimated 13:39
13:58 15 Jul BOG Bogota LA4026 LATAM Airlines Estimated
14:12 15 Jul CLO Cali AV9344 Avianca Cancelled
14:12 15 Jul PTY Panama City CM502 Copa Airlines Estimated 13:57
14:25 15 Jul PUJ Punta Cana AV221 Avianca Estimated 14:53
14:32 15 Jul CLO Cali JA5475 JetSMART Estimated
14:33 15 Jul BOG Bogota LA4012 LATAM Airlines Estimated
14:45 15 Jul SJO San Jose AV25 Avianca Estimated 14:48
15:13 15 Jul PEI Pereira JA5512 JetSMART Scheduled
15:25 15 Jul SMR Santa Marta LA4265 LATAM Airlines Estimated
15:26 15 Jul BOG Bogota AV9306 Avianca 1 Cancelled
15:26 15 Jul BOG Bogota G36739 Gol Cancelled
15:29 15 Jul CUN Cancun AV269 Avianca Estimated 15:55
15:40 15 Jul MIA Miami AV135 Avianca Estimated 15:35
15:45 15 Jul PEI Pereira LA4337 LATAM Airlines Scheduled
16:05 15 Jul LIM Lima LA2392 LATAM Airlines Estimated 16:07
16:20 15 Jul MAO Manaus QT846 Avianca Cargo Estimated
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Jose Maria Cordova
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